Beatle Paul McCartney and "Leila" duet on "Get Back" in Argentina concert

Beatle Paul McCartney and “Leila” duet on “Get Back” in Argentina concert

*Well this is something that no doubt made an old man feel good. During his concert in Buenes Aires, Argentina, legendary Paul McCartney managed to invite a young girl up onstage, thinking she wanted him to sign her doll.

But baby-girl had news for the 73-year-old former Beatle. When he asked her what she wanted, amidst the crowd of screaming fans, she said, “I want to play bass with you.”


“This could be interesting,” McCartney, clearly surprised, said. But lo and behold, a white bass guitar, nearly the size of the youngster, was quickly brought out for her as the two went on to jam to the Beatles’ classic, “Get Back.”

McCartney admitted to the audience, “I didn’t see that one coming!”

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