Erica Campbell

*The new 4 hour show, Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell radio show debuted May 10, and she and her scratchy voice of comedian co-host Griff serve a diverse mix of gospel and inspirational music, star-studded interviews and practical principles to help listeners do what her mantra proclaims: Faith Walking. Love Talking. Joy Living.

Campbell assumed the early morning, gospel talk radio time slot left open by the departure of The Yolanda Adams Morning Show, and contrary to previous reports, Erica wants you to know that she did not “replace” Yolanda.

“I didn’t takeover her show, and I don’t feel like I replaced her,” Campbell told EUR/Electronic Urban Report during a recent teleconference. “When I got the call, they mentioned nothing about her. Far as I knew, it could’ve been two shows. And she posted that she transitioned. She didn’t elaborate but I think people took the liberty to assume. I don’t know those details and I don’t think that’s any of my business”

Erica continued:

“As I said on my first day on the radio, I love, respect and honor Yolanda. She is still a mentor and a big sister to me, so we good. But I know for the world, sometimes that feeling always makes you want to put verses in the middle, Erica verses… [Yolanda]. She said she “transitioned” so I will go with that word. She transitioned and now I’m here with a new show. They didn’t just take her name off and put my name on. It’s a different name. It’s a different show. It’s a different vibe. It’s something new and I pray that I have her blessing.”

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Fans of the award-winning gospel singer and reality TV star are wondering why she decided to tackle the world of talk radio now.

“I don’t live a life going, ‘Oh, that’s too much. I’mma be too tired.’ We’re in the culture where people love to say, ‘She’s doing too much.’ Well, to whom much is given, much is required. God has given me so much, I dare not sit at home and be like, ‘I need to chill.’ I want to be wherever God wants me to be. God opened this door and so I said yes and here I am,” she said.

“This is what we want everybody to know, if God charges you to do something, it is not for you to ask why,” GRIFF added.

Campbell explained that she is “super excited” about this new opportunity “to speak to the world” and “inspire church folks and non-church folks that just want a little gospel in the morning.”

“I’m ready to respect the old but introduce the new with class and care. I’m not in the business of disregarding elders and seniors and people who got us here, but I would like them to come with us as we experience newness and change.”

How will she juggle being First Lady of her husband’s church, a solo artist, and still part of the group Mary Mary with her sister Tina – all while hosting this new radio show? Through the grace of God, Campbell said.

“He’s giving me a lot of gifts, and he will give me the grace and the provisions to do them all. I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful team of people who help me accomplish my goals.”

She added: “I will be going home a few times in the week to make sure I’m mommy and then I’ll be flying back here to make sure that do my show. I think it’s a blessing when someone asks you to do something that speaks to the world. You can’t say no to that type of opportunity. I’m happy to do it. My husband is with me 100%, and we just make it happen. Just like Nike says: just do it.”

Erica hopes her morning show will “draw more souls to Jesus.”

“I hope that it challenges them to step outside the box and see God through different eyes. Sometimes we don’t acknowledge that we put him in a box but we do because the moment that somebody does something different we go, ‘you can’t do that.’ I don’t believe I serve that kind of God. My heart is in the right place to reach a dying world. I don’t believe that being a Christian or being a Gospel artist is this private, exclusive club. I live in this world, I’m not of this world but I carry the power of Jesus everywhere I go. So if he takes me to a dark place or a different place, I’m still wall-to-wall Holy Ghost because I serve the Lord and I take him with me. That’s what I’m hoping I can introduce to other Christians. Jesus can’t come back until everyone has had a chance to know.”