Cynthia Bailey for CARGO by Cynthia Bailey

*In true “Housewives” tradition, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey has put her name on a new product line that has become her latest side hustle.

The model has launched a new luxury luggage line called CARGO by Cynthia Bailey.

Cynthia Bailey for CARGO by Cynthia Bailey


Per Bravo:

Though Cynthia told The Daily Dish that she had always thought about being in the bag space as she cultivates her accessories empire, the line really came to fruition after her business partner Kal Williams approached her to start the company. “You know, I have my whole Cynthia Bailey Eyewear line, and I want to live in the whole accessories space, so when he approached me about doing bags, I thought it was a great fit for another accessory to have under the Cynthia Bailey brand for the accessories empire that I’m building,” she said. “I’m especially inspired by it because with my schedule, I do spend a lot of time traveling, so I love the idea of backpacks and overnighters and with the ability to expand into other travel leather goods soon.”

View a behind-the-scenes look at CARGO by Cynthia Bailey below: