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*“Empire” star Jussie Smollett tried to explain why he sent a tweet after last week’s episode that appeared as if he was leaving the show following last night’s season 2 finale.

Viewers quickly found out that Jamal will live for another season, and Smollett posted a video after the episode explaining that each word of his tweet was technically true.

jussie smollett tweet

In the video, Jussie says it’s the viewers’ fault for reading more into the literal meaning of his tweet. However, his co-star, Gabourey Sidibe, eventually revealed to be sitting next to him, is not having it. She is shown fuming as he attempts to explain his Twitter rope-a-dope.

After a deep calming breath, she goes in. “Let me light that ass up with facts real quick though,” she says.

Seconds later, the video cuts off as she’s just getting started.

Watch below: