Prince and Madonna

Prince and Madonna

*Soon after Madonna’s forgettable Prince tribute at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, BET tweeted a teaser video of their upcoming Prince tribute saying, “Yeah, we saw that. Don’t worry, we got you.”

Madonna is finally clapping back at BET for criticizing her performance, which received mixed reviews from fans who felt underwhelmed by her appearance. Madge posted an Instagram picture of her younger self captioning it, “Wearing the jacket Prince gave me back in the day without permission from BET.”

Sunday morning, BET responded back to Madonna writing, “Unfortunately, witty as this tweet is, it can’t turn back the clock on a performance that failed to cover the various roles and stages of the legend’s career.”

Check out the IG post below:

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tamar braxton the real bullying

Meanwhile, HipHollywood is reporting that Epic records has dropped narcissistic, Tamar “bad attitude” Braxton due to poor sales of her last album. The Daily Mail Online is also reporting the news saying:

Unfortunately, Tamar’s solo music career is also looking bleak. Her most recent CD ‘Calling All Lovers’ has only sold a fraction of the sales of her previous effort, ‘Love and War,’ and her record company Epic Records had quietly dropped her from its roster.

‘Sadly, there’s no solo career to concentrate on. After being previously dropped from five record labels prior to landing at Epic, she’s now been dropped a sixth time and will have to start all over again,’ the source revealed.

Braxton still appears on Epic’s website roster. HipHollywood reached out to reps at the label, as well as Braxton’s personal publicist, but have not gotten a response. #StayTuned.