This puppy was spotted slithering around…wait for it…not Florida but WISCONSIN!

*The sheriff in Grant County, Wisconsin are advising residents who see a 4-6 foot long snake to leave it alone.

Ok, sir. Yes, sir. Whatever-the-f*ck-you-say-SIR!

Authorities there had been on the lookout for the serpent, and had advised residents to keep a close watch out for small children and pets, as they’d originally thought the snake was a fugitive flesh-constricting and consuming python.

The snake was spotted last weekend slithering calmly across a highway in Dickeyville, Wisconsin. Their report claimed it was “as long as the width of both lanes of traffic.”

Now, a picture snapped by a resident has helped authorities confirm that the snake is a bull snake, a constrictor that’s native to the area.

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