Melanie Fiona2

*Melanie Fiona welcomed her first child two months ago – a baby boy named Cameron – and after recently celebrating her very first Mother’s Day, Fiona uploaded an emotional video to her YouTube channel sharing her birthing experience and feelings about motherhood.

In a video called “It’s Time to Tell the Truth,” the singer revealed that she was five days overdue when she went into labor and that she planned to have a natural birth, but the universe had other plans.

“I was experiencing some swelling,” she said. “I had edema and when I got to the hospital I started swelling even more and they noticed that my blood pressure was going up…they were really really concerned for me and they started to run some tests, and as it turned out I developed preeclampsia during my labor which is very rare and very very scary.”

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“My blood pressure at this point was skyrocketing, it was like 190 over 110, which is pre-stroke levels…It just came to a point where Jared had to come in one-on-one and look at me and take my hand and look me in my eyes and say, ‘I have to leave the hospital with the both of you’ and until that moment I had not recognized how real and severe my situation is…but my partner, the love of my life, decided for me that it was important for me and that’s what a good partner does in a crisis. It’s to make the decision that is best for you and obviously best for the baby.”

Not only were doctors concerned about Fiona’s health, they also carefully monitored her son who was facing the wrong direction. Cameron eventually turned on his own and Fiona was forced to have a c-section, instead of the natural child-birth that she so desired.

“They started talking C-Section immediately and I said, ‘Absolutely not! I will labor here for 45 hours if I have to get this baby out,’” Fiona said. “I just kept asking if Cameron was okay. How were his levels? And they just kept saying he’s a superstar, his levels are great, you don’t have anything to worry about, he is great.”

Check out Melanie’s full video below: