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*So ladies, do you long for some answers and insight into what your man wants when it comes to love, sex, intimacy, communication and more?

Well, look no further, author Therez Fleetwood thinks she has the answers to the questions that many may find hard to discuss with their partner.  In her new book, Men and Intimacy: Real Talk. Real Answers, she explores the complexities of relationships through the minds of men who give real, no holds barred answers to the questions that women long to ask.  Fleetwood interviewed sixty men from across the country, from all walks of life and various occupations, and her male subjects give you raw and emotional answers.  “My book will help men and women seeking that once in a lifetime soul connection.”

Fleetwood says, “There are countless books on men and relationships that analyze and interpret men’s feelings about intimacy from a clinical or therapeutic approach. However, there are very few books that actually highlight men’s points of view on this topic in an uncut, complete, raw and emotional way.”

In Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers, Fleetwood interviewed men on everything from: Do men really want intimacy? Why do men talk during sex?  What do men find sexy in a woman? Do men get bored with sex?  Why do men cheat?  What are the most important things to men in a relationship?  What types of women are men really looking for? Moreover, there’s a lot more covered in this 182-page informative, yet entertaining guide.  “They talked. I transcribed and it’s their opinion. We never hear Black men’s view on relationships and sex. Mine is real talk, it’s raw.”

When asked why she felt the need to write a book about “men and intimacy”, she says her book was birthed out of her own personal journey.  “I was married and got divorced. It was that real intimacy connection that was missing in my own life, where you are mentally, spiritually and physically connected that I wanted to know,” says Fleetwood.

Through her many interviews Fleetwood says she found out that, “Men do want to talk about relationships and intimacy. They were very, very self-expressed. Some real timid but others were raw. We have to allow men the space to communicate their feelings. They really want to share; they are really looking for deep intimate connections.  Every man is different. They want trust, loyalty and great sex! When you ask them to go deeper, they say honesty, trust and a good disposition.”

men and intimacy - therez fleetwood

Therez Fleetwood

Many chapters in the book stand out and are important.  According to Fleetwood, the top five chapters include “Men and Intimacy”, “The Pain Men Feel After a Breakup”, “Do Men Get Bored with Sex?”, “Why Men Cheat?” and   “Men Feel Love Too”.  “I think the topic of intimacy is important.  We don’t really define what we want in a relationship,” she says. “The pain that men feel after a breakup is also an important chapter. They love hard and here 20 to 30 years later, some of the men never opened up since then.  A lot of men were looking for that deep connection with sex. They are looking for substance in a woman,” Fleetwood explains. “Not all men, like women show love the same way. Some may feel like it’s sunshine in a bottle.”

“When you are really intimate with someone, you have to be able to be vulnerable,” she says.

“There is nothing better than real intimacy, it’s our true purpose. If you have that true resonance, you don’t need anything else. I hope I find her,” says Amir in Fleetwood’s book.

In Chapter 2, Fleetwood discusses how men love just as hard as women love but they just express it in different ways. “They are not raised in the art of how to express emotions. They are raised to be stoic, strong and unemotional,” Fleetwood explains.  “They have passionate triggers to love just as much as women do and they express their love in ways that are unique to them. Sometimes, women look for love to be expressed in ways that we assume love should be and men do not show us love in that specific way, then we are convinced they do not love us,” she says.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love but I’ve had great sex that made me want to love her. It’s like when you have great food, you want more of it.  You love the way it tastes. You may even love the way it feels in your mouth and it creates an insatiable appetite to have more of it so it becomes enjoyable,” states Gordon in an excerpt in the book.

“Love looks like a perfect day. Sometimes love makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world. Like what more can I ask for?  I’m so blessed. It’s like I got this chick holding me down like a pit bull, no matter what happens. She’s going to latch on and hold on, no matter what. Rain or shine, she’s going to keep on holding on. Most men pray for a woman like that,” states Hugh.

“My hope with Men and Intimacy, Real Talk, Real Answers is that couples use these questions as a guide to help discover intimacy within each other through honest conversations and begin their journeys of creating intimacy together,” she says.  “People should sit down and tell each other what they want. We as women have to learn how to communicate with men,” says Fleetwood.

Fleetwood is also the author of the national bestseller, The Afrocentric Bride, A Style Guide (ISBN 0-9727519-1-2).   For the past twenty-five years, she has catered to brides and grooms around the world and worked with couples that provided her a platform of conversation and discovery. Located in Dallas, Texas, Fleetwood will launch The Intimate Playhouse this summer, a Romance Concierge Company, creating fantasy dates for couples.  She is the former owner of Therez’s Playhouse, which provided couples with ways to rekindle the romance, intimacy and bliss in their relationships.  

She launched her first company under the label of PheZula Collection, dressing celebrity clients such as Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams, Yolanda Adams, Kim Coles and Queen Latifah, as well as gift designer for Avon Products.  She also designed the only Kente cloth costumes worn by Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney World.  Fleetwood has been a guest on several television shows including the Today ShowGood Day New York and the Dallas Morning News, and her work has been on display at the City Museum of New York and Fashion Institute of Technology.

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