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*Technology has infiltrated every part of our lives, for better and for worse. Today, it is very rare to meet someone who doesn’t own a cell phone, tablet, or laptop – even more rare that we leave our homes without our own.

Online schooling has also begun to replace brick-and-mortar colleges for a lot of people because of the convenience and the almost customizable scheduling of courses. This has made career-specialized education very accessible now too, applicants can take one or two courses to hone in on their needed skills.

Of course, there is the one downside to picking up a handful of classes, you can’t strip the curriculum to meet your specific needs. Perhaps you already know a great deal about childcare and you’d like to start teaching at a pre-school, but you know that your state requires a certification you do not have. Instead of re-learning all of the material you’d find in a traditional course, what if there was a way for you just receive the certification?

Micro-Credentials, or mini-degrees as they are sometimes called, are shorter and more directly specific courses that you can take online or in person to get exactly what you need: a certification in a certain field, or even the skills you’re missing to out-do the competition. 95% of potential employers said that the micro-credentials that an applicant has are of interest to them! These courses can take anywhere from one month to one year, and span over a thousand subjects.

Training and development is something that employers are spending more and more money on, as detailed below. If your employer sees that you’ve actively tried to cover that ground yourself, they see that not only you’re the type of go-getter they’re looking for, but also, less of their resources will be spent on training you; this makes you an all-around valuable employee. Micro-Credentials are an incredibly useful pursuit, and the graphic below can help you get started on your own journey.

What Are Micro-credentials?