mike epps & grandaughter

Mike Epps’ granddaughter gives him a certain kind of look at his high school graduation ceremony. 🙂

*Congrats to funnyman Mike Epps. He’s now a high school graduate. Epps, who is from Indianapolis, Indiana started doing standup as a teenager and came to national prominence on Def Comedy Jam in 1995 and ended up not getting his diploma at the time. Since then of course he’s gone on to have a successful career as a comedian and actor. However, not getting said diploma was something he yearned for all these years. Well now it’s a DONE deal.

I have always been insecure about not having a diploma. I taught myself how to read so sorry MF if I don’t spell right ALL THE TIME lol but I’m proud of who I am,” Mike said in an Instagram posting.

Epps also addressed the graduating class of Arsenal Technical High School when he spoke candidly about his own struggle with realizing the importance of education as a young person.

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“This is so emotional to me because I didn’t get a chance to graduate like this. And now I’m 45 years old and just to be amongst you guys is such blessing,” he told the students. “I’m so proud of you and I want you to continue to keep pushing on and go to college and get as many degrees as you can. My beautiful mama that’s sitting in the audience she told me when I was young, she said, “Mike, one day you’re gonna wish you would’ve gotten your education.”

Epps’ mother Mary, oldest daughter Bria and granddaughter were also on hand to celebrate his big day.