*Reality star turned actress and now stand-up comedian NeNe Leakes is using her new platform to shade, spill tea and blast folks she considers her “haters” and naysayers, including comedian Luenell and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore.

During her recent appearance at J. Anthony Brown’s J-Spot Comedy Club in Los Angeles, Leakes (who is currently touring for her one woman show) calls out Luenell, whom she recently had beef with on social media. She also questions Kenya’s Hollywood credentials. Check out a few excerpts from her stand-up act below (via

On the backlash from her doing standup:

So many mother f*uckers talking about ‘is Nene a comedy? When did Nene become a comedian? I did not know Nene was a comedian. When did that b*tch become a comedian?’ No b*tch pay attention listen. I am not a mother f*cking comedian I am a mother f*cking hustler. For all of you mother f*ckers up in here who clearly do not understand like Porsha, let me tell you what that means.

That means twenty-four hours [a day] three hundred and sixty-five days a week [I’m] getting it bi*ch. Do not worry about me. Stay in your mother f*cking lane. Eat off your own plate, stay out of my pocket. Stay out of my business don’t worry about what the f*ck Nene doing. What Nene is doing is getting these mother f*cking coins.

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On her fallout with comedian Luenell:

Everybody worried about Nene. Thinking she is going to take their motherf*cking spot bi*ch I do not want your spot. Let us be very clear. I do not want to be you. Do I look like I want to be you? No bi*ch not no day you will not see me walking down the street looking like Sisqo’s auntie. I am trying to be me and pay my mother f*cking bills.

On working with the women on Real Housewives of Atlanta:

You know working with a bunch of bi*ches can be hard. It is not easy now. I was not blond like this really I was gray, turned this mother f*cking sh*t from gray to blond b*tch. Working with six bi*ches is mother f*cking difficult. I was the first one there and I always make it clear to these mother f*ckers I was first. I say that sh*t all the time so you all will know. I was first.

Then these motherf*ckers want to look at me like I never did anything for them. ‘Oh really b*tch, you did not see that mother f*cking door I opened up for you over there?’ Just in case you did not see it. I did not just open the door, I took the mother f*cking hinges off of it for your ass.

On RHOA castmate Kenya Moore:

This bi*ch going to come to me and tell me ‘Bit*h I been in Hollywood for 20 years’. Bi*ch you was not in Hollywood for no twenty years and if so bi*ch I did not mother f*cking see your ass. You were not in Black Hollywood, White Hollywood. But what I did for your ass blew the dust off of that motherf*cking crown. You put your ass in my Hollywood. I took the hedges off that mother f*cker for you.

On diversity in Hollywood:

Can you see I am a Black white bitch. I made it clear I can get white jobs, I can get black jobs and I am no that damn dark skin. So I can walk in this mother f*cker and keep it popping. I keep a check coming.