Prince and Beyonce

Prince and Beyonce

*Prince fans in Minnesota are trying to understand how Beyonce – a native of Texas – was given her own official day in their state before Prince, a Minnesota native who kept a home and business there until his death on April 21.

“You’re kidding, right? 4/21 is going to be declared Prince day, right? Because, you know, he’s FROM HERE!” one angry resident tweeted. The sentiment was shared by scores of people who took to social media and let Gov. Mark Dayton have it.

The official proclamation declaring May 23 as “Beyonce Day” noted the singer “has influenced many young girls women with powerful, positive messages in her songs.” The stunt was tied to Bey’s May 23 concert stop in Minneapolis.

When local news station Fox 9 posted a copy of the decree on their Facebook page, Minnesotans scratched their heads.

“Seriously? A Beyoncé day? I am appalled and embarrassed. What about Prince? I think of anyone, he deserves a day in Minnesota,” someone wrote. “He’s done more for this state than any other musician.”

“I have never in my life been so embarrassed to be from Minnesota,” added another, whose comment drew nearly 5,000 “likes.”

Many brought up Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show and her song “Formation,” believing they were both anti-police.

“Is this the same Beyonce that promoted violence against police during the Super Bowl Halftime? Is this the same Beyonce that is being blamed by sheriffs and police departments across the nation for attacks against police stemming from her ‘Formation’ video?” one user responded on Facebook. “Governor Dayton, I respectfully call for your to withdraw your proclamation honoring Beyonce like this. It is not in the states best interest.”

Angry Minnesotans flooded Twitter as well: