*Thousands of hours of unheard live and studio material – jam sessions, random songs and entire albums – reside inside Prince’s mysterious vault inside Paisley Park, and shortly after his passing, the massive vault was unlocked and his estate recovered hours of unreleased music. Now his heirs are planning to share it with the world.

via TMZ:

Sources close to Brianna and Victoria — Prince’s niece and grandniece, who stand to inherit the share of their deceased parents — tell us the girls are anxious to hear the tunes and then devise a release plan. And we’re told the girls have the support of some of the singer’s siblings.

Brianna and Victoria say the point of releasing the music is to share it with his fans, but clearly it’s about the money too. They, along with several siblings, would also like to turn Paisley Park into a museum – like Graceland.

Multiple sources tell TMZ that the heirs are already fighting over how Prince’s legacy and estate should be handled, and that his sister Tyka has clearly stated that it’s her way or the highway.

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Former Paisley Park employee Scott LeGere spoke about the vault to Rolling Stone. The magazine reported how the vault is tucked away in the basement of Paisley Park, and accessible only by elevator. The climate-controlled room is hidden behind a steel door, complete with a time lock and large spinning handle. Prince was the only person at the estate who held the combination.

“At one point, I was holding tapes and he would beckon me to come in,” says LeGere. “I said, ‘Actually, sir, I’d rather not. That is your space and your work – I will simply hand these things to you.’ He seemed to appreciate that. I think that’s what quite a few other staff did.”