*Comedienne Sherri Shepherd sat down with Wendy Williams on Tuesday and opened up for the first time about the maternity ruling and child support battle with her ex-husband, Lamar Sally. The talk show host also couldn’t help but notice Sherri’s weight loss.

“Did you get a breast reduction?” Wendy asked. Sherri repeated her question with a laugh, then quipped, “No, I lost 12 pounds and a husband!”

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Their divorce and custody battle played out publicly, and Sherri has remained quiet since the fiasco. Unable to say too much for “legal” reasons, Sherri explained that the court case “has been rough, but you literally have to let go and keep it moving and that’s what I’m doing.”

”I stressed for a minute,” she told Wendy, “and you know, when you stress, you eat pizza and everything, but once I decided to say, ‘Hey, I forgive. I let go,'” I started cooking.”

“You are a good woman,” Wendy said.

“Because God gave me back my smile, Wendy,” Sherri answered.

After being declared the legal mother of Lamar’s child born via surrogate, it was reported Shepherd had to pay $4,100 monthly in child support.

She also denounced her ex’s claims of forgoing her financial responsibilities, saying, “People who know me … I took care of a grown man for four years. What makes you think I wouldn’t take care of his son? I would do that. This is me. You know me. So, I would never shirk my responsibilities.”

Wendy made a crack about Sherri “paying $4,000 a month,” to which she replied, “No, [it’s] more than that…I got three jobs to make those payments!”

“Know that when I do decide to talk, and I will,” she added, “the tabloids that paid so much money to him to do interviews are gonna want their money back.”