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*Put Snoop Dogg in the category of folks NOT feeling the new “Roots” remake that’s premiering tonight on the History Channel. The Long Beach-Compton rapper shared a message with his fans on social media and said he just can’t watch movies anymore that depict black people “getting dogged out,” beaten, or abused at the hands of slavery.

“12 Years a Slave, Roots, Underground… I can’t watch none of that sh*t,” he says. “They’re going to just keep beating that sh*t in our heads how they did us, huh? I don’t understand America. They just want to keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. But guess what? We’re taking the same abuse. Think about that part.”

Snoop, according to Complex, added that slavery is not the only subject matter that is suitable for movies and wonders when Hollywood is going to make something about black people’s success.

As you can image, his comments are generating reactions both pro and con.

“Thank you @snoopdogg. I can’t take it anymore. Yes, we should know where we came from but got damn. We, blacks and whites and whoever else suffered from the same history, need to move past it,” one Instagram follower commented. Others say that it’s Hollywood’s fault for continuing to use slavery as their source material. And some voiced their hopes that the remake affects people as profoundly as the 1977, nine-time Emmy-winning show impacted them.