John R.K. Howard, 18, is one of the three students accused of sexually assaulting another teen in the school locker room.

*You know, its stories such as the one you are about to read here that bring all of those “rumors” African American males have been hearing all of their lives into deeper observance. The ones that their women have been listening to. The ones that reveal the true reason behind the hate that the white man feels towards the black man.

The enviable gem between a black man’s legs. That thing most desired by the white man’s woman.

I mean, we’d like to believe people are better than the behaviors they oft times display. But with each passing day, this “high road” becomes more difficult.

Why else would a group of white male athletes, when given an opportunity to embrace their black colleague, choose instead to rape him?

The alleged incident happened on October 23, 2015 in the locker room of Dietrich High School, in Dietrich, Idaho.

The school’s football team had apparently just finished a game, and it didn’t seem weird that one of the teammates would hold out his arms in what could be taken as a warm gesture. So the disabled team mate went in for what he assumed would be an embrace.

Instead, he got raped.

While “the embrace” held him down, another “team member” allegedly took a coat hanger and shoved it up his rectum. A third student is said to have repeatedly used his foot to rotate the hanger.

Now, I ask you, WTF are black folk suppose to believe if not that “rumor?”

The victim, who had been adopted by a white family when he was only four years old, has a learning disability; and he is only one of a handful of black students in the school — which is located in a town of only 334 people.


After a months-long investigation finally wrapped up this spring, the state Attorney General’s office filed sexual assault charges against three alleged attackers. Two of the teenagers are being charged as adults and could face life in prison, under Idaho law.

The family of the victim has also filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit.

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