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*(Via OlWomen) – Very short hairstyles for black women have strikingly unique hair options for the season in groom. Go chic with wonderfully simple and the easiest to manage hair ideas that echo both runways and red carpet entries.

You love to have updos for short hair that reflects your preference for easiness in tending your locks, saving your precious time. Yes! It is undeniably true that nothing easier than wearing short hair. Though having very short hairstyles, you may not opt for traditionally known bobs, pixies, buns, straight, wavy and curly hairdos yet the smartness is achievable with a lot more options and they are fairly extensive.

Moreover, opting for short hair is conspicuously the latest fashion hairstyling trend. Go through this gallery of glam, picturing very short hairstyles for black women that have a number of luscious attractions to make your vibes stunning yet saving you ample time and providing you the comfort to manage your style without any hassle.

26. Super Short Straight Bob



The beauty of bob style haircut is its uniqueness and charm that makes the personality of women more neat and refined marked with elegance and style. It is surely a must-have idea in very short hairstyles that seizes many showbiz celebrities including the most favorite and trendsetter super star, Rihanna into its charisma. Facial features get prominent and attractive due to tapering layers and long side bangs across the chin.

How to Style:

  • Smoothly brush the hair forward and run the teeth firmly towards the back of your hair as well.
  • Using a rat tail comb create a side parting of your bangs using the arch of your eye brow as a base.
  • When you’ve parted the bangs, heat your straightener at 120 degrees and straighten the bangs in forward strokes so that the fall on your forehead.
  • At the end, rub a bit of hair wax or pomade against your palms and run it through your hair so that you don’t allow any of the baby hair’s to erect.

Recommended Products:

  • I’d recommend you a BaByliss®PRO | Nano Titanium™
  • However, you can use any of your personal favorite too.
  • American Crew Hair Styling Pomade, 3.

Recommended Face:

  • This hairstyle is suitable for a heart shaped face or an oval face.
  • If you have thin or even wavy textured hair then you can carry this hair cut pretty well.


  • Don’t ever forget to straighten your front bangs as they’re the main source of giving this hair style a chic look.
  • Make it a habit of straightening your bangs forward whenever you come out of shower but after drying your hair properly.

25. Flipped Hairstyle For Black Women


Chic and impressive! Going for his option means to add spice to your short tendrils without much effort. It covers the entire head with very short round hair on the sides and on the back. To add a retro look to this hairdo, draw hair on the forehead also. For flipping the tips of hair, use a small curling iron and turn the tips inside. Your style is now ready. Use a light finishing spray to hold flyaways.

How to Style:

  • For this retro and smart hair style you need to smoothly comb your hair with a brush.
  • Next, take a rat tail comb and create a side partition using your eye brow arch as a base.
  • Later, you can back comb the hair on the crown a bit or directly start curling the tips and edges.
  • It’s up to you if you want to straighten your bangs first. But using a curling iron, curl the tips of your hair and bangs outwards.
  • Use a hair spray all over your hair so that they stay in place and don’t give a messy look.

Recommended Products:

  • Use BaByliss®PRO | Cermaic Tools™ for curling the tips and edges of your back hair and front bangs too.
  • Or you can use any curling iron which is your personal favorite but make sure that it’s a trust worthy one and the curls don’t open or go lose.
  • TREsemme Extra Hold Hair Spray, 14.06 oz.
  • Or use an L’Oreal Studio Hot Curl Themo Curling Spray, 150 ml.

Recommended Face:

  • This hair cut is perfect for a heart shaped face as it makes the face appear prettier once it’s styled properly.
  • Even frizzy textured hair would do. However, wavy hair will go best with it.
  • But sleek and straight hair or a round face won’t be able to carry this look properly.


  • If you have extra frizzy hair then make it a point to nicely straighten the hair where appropriate before curling the edges.
  • Usually, straighten the hair once you’ve dried the hair after the shower as it will give a more voluminous look to the hair.

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