chance the rapper, mr happy,*Chance the Rapper starred in a Vice short film,Mr. Happy” as  Victor, a depressed man who discovers the site, ‘MRHAPPY.COM.’

The site allows a person to hire a hitman to kill them. He questions if his life is worth ending after a chance interaction and setting the date for his death.

Award-winning music video director Colin Tilley directed the short film. VICE columnist, Jeffrey Bowers‘ interviewed him on addressing mental health issues.

“I feel like is a really serious subject,” Tilley said. “I’m pretty sure there are similar things that exist out there on the deep web.”

“I have never witnessed it myself, but I’ve definitely read stories that sounded pretty similar,” he added. “I think that if you want to end your life there should be a way to do it, but not in such a romantic way. This website in general is something very controversial—it’s a weird look into what the future could hold for us.”

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Watch the short film below: