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Christina Grimmie


*The Orlando Police Department says Kevin James Loibl murdered “The Voice” standout Christina Grimmie.

Grimmie was shot and killed Friday by Loibl, who was carrying two handguns, two additional loaded magazines of ammunition and a large hunting knife.

During a press conference on Saturday, Orlando Police chief John Mina initially described the assailant, who shot and killed himself during the incident, as “a white male, 21 years of age.”

However, according to the date of birth released by Orlando Police, Loibl was 27.

Here’s what we reported earlier:

*As has been reported, former “The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie was shot and killed during a meet-and-greet with fans after a show in Orlando. It appears the man who pulled the trigger and Grimmie did not know each other. Speculation is that he was just some crazed lunatic who drove to Orlando to kill her.

TMZ is reporting that he showed up to her concert Friday night with 2 handguns, 2 loaded magazines and a large hunting knife. There were no metal detectors at the venue.

Cops say the man is 21-years-old and as far as they know never tried to get in touch with Christina on social media. He traveled from another city in Florida and apparently felt he could get away with it because he had plans to return home.

Christina was gunned down after the concert, during a meet-and-greet with around 120 people.

Police officials say they believe the murderer was not accidentally shot during a struggle with Christina’s brother. They believe he killed himself.

Look for police to release the identity of the man today.

In 2014, Grimmie participated in season six of The Voice. Her unique sound caused all four coaches to turn their chairs, but ultimately she joined Adam Levine’s team and went on to the finals, finishing in third place.

After news of Grimmie’s hospitalization, The Voice tweeted, “We are heartbroken. @TheRealGrimmie is a loved member of our family. Our thoughts are with her and her family. #PrayForChristina.”

Levine also posted a throwback photo of himself with Christina, writing, “I’m sad, shocked and confused. We love you so much Grimmie. We are all praying hard that you can pull through this…this just isn’t fair.”

Earlier this year, Grimmie released her second EP, Side A, which consisted of four songs, with plans to later release Side B.