Deray Davis

*DeRay Davis is one of the industry’s most in-demand comedians, with film and television credits including “Barbershop,” “21 Jump Street,” and “Empire.” Back in April, Oxygen premiered the unscripted reality show “Living With Funny,” which centers on the personal lives of comedians Davis, Brandon T. Jackson, Michael Blackson, Erik Rivera and Adam Hunter. During the show, viewers learned that Davis has been in a 3-year relationship with two women. It’s a dynamic that he once described as being similar to picking the best team in sports.

“A lot of women share the same men and they have no idea so I just decided to be honest. I was tired of getting my tires slashed. We’ve all been together for three years,” he told the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

While many have analyzed the Instagram pages of DeRay and his two girlfriends, Coco and Caro, and concluded that their union seems more like a business arrangement than a genuine relationship, XONecole reports that “they are realistically in a successful, long-term relationship.” The celebrity news site also notes that while Deray’s ex, Claudia Jordan, once tweeted that their split was because “he had too many b-tches” —  his “unapologetic approach to love” works for some people. Here’s why:

Relationships aren’t always pretty:

“Therefore, you should only entertain a relationship that represents what you truly need. You may not need two committed lovers like Deray, but you should at least learn to accept your relationship exceptionalities.”

Deray Davis

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We bend and break our own rules too often:

“If Deray never spoke up and admitted to his penchant for variety, Coco and Caro would just be additions to the string of scorned women trailing behind him. Ladies, we need to be just as brutally honest about what we need. You can’t stay open to love if you’re not ready to accept your truths.”

Life shouldn’t be harder than it already is:

“We are constantly met with opinions we didn’t ask for by people we don’t even know. But it’s the time to fully embrace our Black Girl Magic, especially in relationships. It’s OK to love differently than other people. Be brave enough to own everything you want in love.”

Lastly, XONecole advises that: “Customizing your relationships doesn’t have to be extreme. You don’t have to be willing to have a Friday night orgy just to exist in the fullness of your personal truth. But you do have to be OK with yourself.”