riley & steph curry

*The Internet is a magnet for a-holes who have nothing but hurtful things to say. However, here’s a situation where one Cleveland Cavaliers fan, whose Twitter handle is Moe Wahdan, got his comeuppance for basically being super stupid.

According to Bleacher Report, it all started with an innocent tweet by Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry’s sister, Sydel Curry.

To most rational, sane and respectful people it just a tweet about her family going to the game. Nothing to get all bent out of shape about, right? Well, as you’ve probably already figured out, one a-hole did have a problem with it. Look at his tweet and specifically what he said about 3-year-old Riley Curry:

moe wahdan tweet to sydell curry

If you know anything about the Currys, family is very important to them. That’s why Sydel responded, leading to a conversation:

Still  not bothered, Sydell responded with kindness.

Meanwhile, a Warriors fan page picked up the offensive tweet and shared it with their audience.

That’s when a user named Cheryll took the tweet and sent it to Moe’s employer, Holton Wise Property Group.

And they fired him.

The lesson here is that there are consequences for being a-hole, something that’s perfectly preventable … unless it’s something you aspire to be, which Calaviers fan Moe Wahdan is reveling in being.  How do we know? Look: