*There’s talk the NBA might be considering a suspension against Draymond Green for his apparent swipe at LeBron James‘ “man region” in Friday night’s game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals which saw Green’s Golden State Warriors win 108-97.

If you didn’t see it, replays show Green hitting James in the groin as the Cavaliers star tried to step over him during a play in the closing minutes of Game 4. The two continued to go at each other throughout the play and had to be separated.

It probably comes as no surprise that James is suggesting the NBA take a closer look at what happened and consider issuing Green a flagrant foul which would automatically qualify him for a 1 game suspension.

“I don’t know what should happen. It’s not my call. That’s the league office. They’ll take a look at it,” James said, noting that the Cavs players had watched the play several times in the locker room.

Asked later if he expected anything significant would happen, James simply said, “No.”

Here’s the background on Green’s foul situation. He already has three flagrant fouls in the playoffs. He was fined $25,000 in the Western Conference Finals after the NBA reviewed a play in which he kicked Oklahoma City Thunder big man Steven Adams in the groin. He had said after that game that he expected the NBA to actually rescind the flagrant foul, but the league upgraded it to a Flagrant-2.

If the league reviews the play in Game 4 and decides to retroactively assess him a Flagrant-1, he’ll be suspended for Game 5 in Oakland. If the league declares it a Flagrant-2, he’d have to miss a potential Game 6 as well.

As far as Green is concerned, it’s just what goes on in a game.

“We got tangled up; it is what it is,” Green said in an interview with ESPN Radio. “I’ve got mad respect for LeBron and what he’s done. He’s a competitor; I’m a competitor. It’s Game 4 of the Finals. I don’t think anyone expects anything less. And if they do, they’re expecting the wrong thing.”

We’ll see what the league has to say about that.