EURweb's LaRita "Jazzy Rita" Shelby has taken the pledge for the United State of Women

EURweb’s LaRita “Jazzy Rita” Shelby has taken the pledge for the United State of Women and you can too at

*This may actually be my first official publication of Jazzy Rita‘s Rant & Rave, which I frequently post on social media.  For this multi-hyphenate professional, momentary stints on Facebook or Twitter are like peeking out of the cyber window because those who really know me, know that I live in front of my computer.  I sit there for hours on end working fiercely to get the job done, usually for others and every now and then I manage to bring some facet of my own dream and career into fruition.

Late yesterday I realized that I had missed an opportunity to be on a press call at the White House.  It’s hard to categorize the degree of special, because on any given day I sift through an enormous amount of wonderful news and tasks.  This one touched the core of my being and echoes how I feel about the women who have impacted my life and community, and those who have inspired me to be about the business of doing the same.

The White House Council on Women and Girls has announced the first United State of Women Summit on June 14th in Washington, D. C. and some 5,000 women have registered already.  I’m figuring, now where was I?  Was I that busy that I missed the info and am I still not on the “A” list with Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes and Meryl Streep?  I do have a SAG-AFTRA card ya know.   I still beamed with excitement because this event speaks to the truth that I know that “Together we are stronger.”  I have experienced this on many occasions.  One that comes to mind is when I put together my tribute video to the First Lady, and so many gave generously of their time to participate.  First of course was featured vocalist Rena Michal, then talk show host Mother Love, then eight year old Harmony Bailey, then women in Germany, the U. K. and Switzerland all wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to celebrate our lovely FLOTUS and also empower women and girls.  I know that I am not the only one who is passionate about work such as this.  Some are on the front lines saving women from life threatening situations, some are trailblazing in business, education, science, technology and in politics.

Reading about the forthcoming summit caused me to think deeper about my ultimate purpose within the realm of women’s empowerment.  I would have to say that I want to reach women who have lost their artistic nature, those whose dreams & passions have been driven out by life itself or those who may feel like it is just too late and dare them to sing, act, dance, paint, write, sculpt & sizzle not necessarily for fame & fortune, but to stir your soul once more, just because YOU CAN!  And to the sheroes who are stimulated in other interests, I encourage you as well.

The First Lady & The White House Council on Women & Girls invite women to take the pledge #stateofwomen EURweb's LaRita Shelby aka Jazzy Rita took the pledge!

The First Lady & The White House Council on Women & Girls invite women to take the pledge #stateofwomen EURweb’s LaRita Shelby aka Jazzy Rita took the pledge! Take yours at

The United State of Women organization has given us all a fun and cool way to get involved and support by providing an opportunity to take the pledge and let the world know who you are and how you intend to take a stand for your own empowerment and the empowerment of women & girls.  Here is mine:

Here is my modest effort to send this message out into the world, though not in the same words, but in the same spirit.  I am Jazzy Rita hear me ROAR, okay well maybe hear me scat and croon a bit, when I’m not working at my computer.  I’m waiting on your roar as well, or maybe a purr if you’re just getting back to your A-game.  At any rate, thanks to the First Lady and White House Council on Women and Girls… game on!    Visit for more on how to support this great cause.  #StateofWomen

If you want a really cool song that celebrates FLOTUS & the beautiful women around the globe, “Mr. President’s Girl” is still on itunes, I think.  Oh and the dance in the video is called the First Lady shuffle.  Enjoy!  Credit is also due to Will Daniels Music & Wishing Well Studios, Sir Tony, Tremayne Williams and photographer BK Thomas.  Visit me at or @ritashelby on Twitter or LaRita Shelby on Facebook.  You can also email me at [email protected].