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A judge gave this privileged white athlete 6 months in jail and three years probation for raping an unconscious, intoxicated girl behind a trash dumpster.

*The judge who insulted anyone with a conscience by giving Stanford University student Brock Turner a slap on the wrist after he was actually discovered raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman behind a trash dumpster last year is obviously not concerned with justice.

Nor is he concerned with the public’s perception of him rewarding white privilege out loud…and no doubt with a straight face.

The only thing sicker than that pittance of a “sentence,” is the sheer audacity of this man’s family, who has not only now turned the incident around and put total blame on the victim, but has, according to SF Gate, written letters to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky; pleading with him to not send their son to jail because it would be a “death sentence” and, according to his mother, her son would “become a target.”

Brock Turner and mother

This June 2, 2016 photo shows Brock Turner and his mother, Carleen Turner, headed to the courthouse in northern California’s Palo Alto area.

As we have been known to say, if that don’t beat all. 

Loving your child through thick and thin is not a new concept to any parent. But this family takes lacking accountability to a whole new level.

According to JET Magazine, both parents have written letters to the judge asking for LENIENCY, and they even created a Brock Turner support page on Facebook, where the father writes…

“Brock is a kind and gentle boy, deep down he means well. This whole thing could have easily been avoided if all parties behaved responsibly. Please help us raise awareness, no other family should have to endure the pain and ostracization we have faced as a family. He is not a monster, he had a momentary lapse in judgement. Please share to help educate others on the dangers of excessive drinking.”

The post was followed by this flyer below.


Damn, talk about nerve.

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