*Fetty Wap showed up at a Paterson, NJ school board meeting Wednesday to apologize for getting his former high school principal suspended over allowing the rapper to film a music video in his school that featured weed smoking and pole dancing.

“If I disrespected anybody I came here to apologize. I apologize to Paterson,” said Wap to the superintendent and school board at the meeting, held inside the auditorium of John F. Kennedy High School.

“All I did was what I know,” said Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell. Wap attended School 6 and Eastside High School, according to the Paterson Times. He returned to Eastside High School to film the video for “Wake Up,” a track that celebrates his rise from a dropout to a chart topping rap star.

The video, however, features drugs, alcohol, and a message that parents and education officials have labeled as anti-education. The ensuing controversy resulted in the suspension of Eastside High School principal of operations Zatiti Moody two weeks ago.

State-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans placed Moody on paid suspension pending an investigation to determine whether all district procedures were followed in granting permission to film inside the school building, according to the Paterson Times.

Watch a clip from Fetty Wap’s apology below:

Before the gathering, Wap Instagrammed a call to action, asking folks to come out and support Principal Moody at the school board meeting. More than 100 people wearing “Return Principal Moody back to Eastside High School” t-shirts showed up.