*Fetty Wap and Remy Boy Monty sat down for an interview with Sana G backstage at the sold out 106 KMEL Summer Jam at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA this past Sunday (06–12-16)before hitting the stage.

Fetty spoke on the Orlando shooting massacre-sending love and support to the victims- and shared a personal story about how he was almost in Paris at the time of the Brussels attacks.

He also confirmed that he is still dating Alexis Sky-who was with him backstage-despite rumors that they had broken up.

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Sana G also had some props for a couple games:

Sana asked Fetty who he wants to give the “Crying Jordan Face” too- and he chose to give it to “all the old haters back home.”

When it came time to play “F, Marry, Kill”- we asked him to rank Rihanna, The Chewbacca Mom, and Roni Rose AKA the Thirsty Steph Curry Fan. Remy Boy Monty stepped up real quick to say “marry Rihanna!”

After the interview Fetty hit the stage and rocked the stage at the sold out Oracle Arena!