Kevin McGill

Kevin McGill

*Well this is certainly one for the books and may even serve to quiet a longstanding “myth” about black folk and time.  Kevin McGill, a sanitation worker in Atlanta, Georgia,  was sentenced to jail for something that sounds like its straight out of an April Fool’s prank: He got to work…wait for it…too early!

Yes, you read that right.

Instead of tip-toeing through and trying not to disturb the boss, brother man was the first worker on the job – having shown up early, but instead of a compliment, he got a jail sentence.

Some people just can’t win.

The garbage collector had worked for Waste Management Inc.  for three months now, and may have still been trying to impress his new employer while on the last leg of what may have been a 90-day trial. Just a scenario that many of us can relate to. Instead, at the conclusion of three months McGill found himself in court, where he plead guilty for violating an ordinance set forth in Sandy Springs, a high-end section of Atlanta, where the residents don’t want to be disturbed before 7 am.

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