Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan

*Baby mommas are not winning at the moment — at least, not in the way they would prefer. First Ciara loses her custody battle with rapper Future. Chris Brown’s baby momma Nia Guzman recently had to take a backseat after a judge ruled in Brown’s favor in their custody drama and now “Basketball Wives” star Laura Govan has failed in her attempt to come up on her ex-fiance Gilbert Arenas, as he has emerged victorious in his $3 million libel and defamation lawsuit against her.

After his court victory, HipHollywood reports that the ex-NBA star posted a few very humorous messages, including one where he proclaims that the reality star will be working at Hoochie Burger to pay off his legal bills.

“#InRealLife my ex will have to work at #hoochieBurgers everyday for 100 years, at 12 bucks a hour with a 10hr shift to pay that judgement off hahahahaha.”

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In October 2015, Arenas filed a lawsuit against Govan, claiming that she slandered him in the media by leaking emails to blogs and alleging that Gilbert slept with her sister, and had given her STDs.

According to BallerAlert: “Not only was she not able to prove Gilbert Arenas has an STD, she also wasn’t able to prove that he had ever given her one. The judge also argued that one’s sexual life isn’t public interest and that Laura has not been able to prove why it should be.”

One thing this outcome has confirmed: the thirst is real in Laura. The lawsuit says that Govan “admitted to writing the emails that falsely accused Arenas of giving her an STD, and sent them to blogs in an attempt to publicly embarrass him.” SMH

Laura has been found guilty of defamation and will have to go back to court to hear the judgement.