*Attorney Antonio Moore delves deeper into the uproar around three black teenagers and the results it brings up when searched in Google. Mr. Moore shows that mass incarceration and its devastating consequences are the root cause, and makes clear asking Google to change the image algorithm will not fix the issue.

“Google is picking up the reality that incarceration happened in this country… It is not a black issue, it’s not even a black male issue. It is a young black male issue. Google changing what comes up in the image search, doesn’t change the fact that African American families have been destroyed by mass incarceration and are being destroyed.”

Young African American men are incarcerated at a rate of nearly 10,000 per 100,000. This level of incarceration points out significant systemic issues that are well beyond something corrected by stopping individual bad acts. During apartheid South African men peaked at one of the highest recorded rates of incarceration in modern times at about 851 per 100,000. To give greater context today African American woman are incarcerated at a rate slightly below 350 per 100,000.