*With the recent massacre in Orlando, discussions about gun control are at an all-time high.  People are fairly passionate, I have friends who are polarized on the issue, and I lean towards the “there’s no place for guns in a modern, civilized society” camp. Others say that responsible gun owners have a place in modern society.

I’m sure members of James Baker’s family are having second thoughts about that.

Baker used to own a gun shop in Amelia, Ohio. His former shop used to hold regular firearm safely classes.

The classes will probably continue, but Baker won’t be a part of them. He doesn’t own the shop anymore because he was fatally shot by a student during one of the gun safety classes.

About 10 of Baker’s students were performing weapon malfunction drills when a gun discharged through a wall at the shop, shooting him in the neck, the local sheriff’s office said in a release. It’s not clear whether Baker was teaching the class at the time. The student who discharged the firearm has not been identified.

Reports claim Baker was a popular guy. He reportedly shoveled out neighbors’ driveways after winter snows. He was so popular among law enforcement officers that 10 of them came to the shop after the shooting “because they all loved him,” one woman told the local news. “He was just loved by everyone.”

Not anymore. Love is a verb, and no one’s loving Baker today because he’s dead. By gunshot wound.  In his own freaking shop.

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