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*Justin Bieber may have gotten his a** kicked during a fist fight  in Cleveland Wednesday night, but his close friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, has nothing but praise for the fact that he “had heart” in not backing down.

“He showed he ain’t no b**ch,” Mayweather told TMZ.

The website posted video of Bieber in a physical altercation with a much bigger dude outside of his hotel in downtown Cleveland. At around 11 p.m., he and the guy were in each other’s faces when dude threw a punch at Justin’s head. The pop star countered with a punch, and a brawl ensued. Several onlookers tried to stop the fight, and Bieber ended up at the bottom of the pile.

Watch below:

Bieber was in town for the Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Mayweather comments on Bieber’s fight below: