kenya moore - cookling

There’s a report out that Kenya Moore is at the center of some drama on a reality show that’s not named “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Word has it that she was cast on the 9th season of Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition” and was in the process of filming in NYC. However, the Daily Mail says she went into meltdown mode when she was eliminated after the first episode

The story is that  Moore held up production on the series for two hours after refusing to leave the set, saying: “I’m calling my agents and they better fix this sh*t” while stomping around.

“You would have thought she was filming a scene for ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ the way she carried on. She cursed at the producers, badmouthed the judges and ranted: “Without me this damn show will fail”,’ a source close to the production told Daily Mail Online.

“She did everything except twirl around in circles as she does on Real Housewives; the only problem was, the cameras had stopped rolling!” the source added.

Moore was outraged that the show’s judges – celebrity chefs Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray – sent her home early for preparing what they called “an overcooked piece of fish.”

The former Miss USA took particular umbrage with Chef Burrell, who criticized Moore for wearing an inappropriate wardrobe and six-inch stilettos in the kitchen.

During her post-show blow-up, Moore said that Burrell was ‘jealous of her beauty’ and “had it out for me the entire time.”

No one could reason with Moore, who displayed similar antics during her stint on season seven of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

And there is this. A source tells the news outlet that producers of the show kept trying to get her to leave. They needed to tape the exit scene with her and she refused to go. They needed her to tape her farewell commentary and she refused to. She was dropping F-bombs like no one they had ever seen before.

After more than two hours, her agents convinced her that she had to leave the set before producers had security physically remove her. Even on her exit she made a scene. She allegedly screamed during her exit:

“I’m TV gold you a**holes. This season will suck without me.”

The cast of “Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition” also includes Nicole Sullivan, reality star Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, comedienne Loni Love, actress Barbara Eden, comedian Tommy Davidson, TV host John Henson, actress Mindy Cohn and actor Matt Dallas.

We can only wonder if there will be any other dramatic exits from the show. Probably not since Kenya is now gone. We also wonder why she didn’t tell them to “respeck” her name! 🙂