lee bailey (with legends award)

Lee Bailey receives his Entertainment Legend Award

*Over the past decade Black owned media has been under heavy assault and decline as corporate advertising, and household brands intentionally ignored and attempted to destroy the African American Consumer market, black owned radio, new media, publishers and newspapers. As hate-radio, and negative programs transformed the media landscape, quality black broadcasters, publishers and programming nearly went extinct.

Those who managed to survive have done so by being very creative and deliberate in their execution. Recognizing this, Lee Bailey’s EURweb Content Syndication was created and designed as a virtual editorial content outreach service that fits perfectly with all indi – media.

Taking advantage of EURweb’s high quality editorial content, allows other publishers the ability to have access to highly qualified reporters and award-winning Hollywood based writers — virtually, with little cost. Perfect for businesses with small editorial budgets.

eurweb content syndication logo (temporary)

EURweb Content Syndication will allow you to select from a vast category of story topics including, pop-culture, political commentary, lifestyle, college/universities, sports, entertainment news and more! Scheduled to launch in July, 2016. Contact us today! Media partners wanted.

“EURweb Content Syndication allows media outlets the ability to have an urban entertainment culture focus without needing the staff or budget to pull it off,” said Lee Bailey, the founder of EURweb. He added, “We do the Hollywood heavy lifting so you don’t have to.”

EURweb: The new media urban entertainment & culture destination with over 1 million+ unique visitors.





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