muhammad ali (muslim)

*Members of the American Muslim community  in Los Angeles and friends of Former heavy weight boxing icon Muhammad Ali who was a devout Muslim will hold a  press conference to give reaction concerning  the boxing legend’s death and to announce a special prayer and candlelight vigil will be held in his memory on Saturday June 4 at 5:00 pm at Bilal Islamic Center, a South Los Angeles mosque he helped build.

The public and media are invited.

Press conference
Date : Saturday June 4th  2016
Time; 9:00 am
Location Masjid Bilal Islamic Center
                  4016 S. Central Ave
                  Los Angeles CA, 90011

“Muhammad Ali wasn’t just the greatest boxer in history, he was a humanitarian, activist , and a warrior for social justice who had the courage and conviction to stand up for his religious beliefs. Ali was one of the greatest and most influential men in history,” stated Najee Ali , director of Project Islamic Hope.

Sponsored by: Project Islamic Hope
Bilal Islamic Center
The Ilm Foundation