Lupita Nyong'o in "Eclipsed"

Lupita Nyong’o in “Eclipsed”

*A woman attending Broadway’s “Eclipsed” Saturday night got caught by its star Lupita Nyong’o trying to film the performance with her iPhone and was reportedly stared down by the actress for an uncomfortable amount of time.

A spy told Page Six: “During Act I, a woman in the first row started video recording the performance on her iPhone.”

The insider added, “When Tony-nominated star Lupita Nyong’o noticed, she “stopped her monologue, and, in character, glared at the woman for what felt like two minutes. The audience was stunned. It sure made things more dramatic.”

According to Page Six, the woman’s phone was confiscated at intermission.

A rep said there’s been “chronic photo-taking and video-making during” the show of Nyong’o, which is “completely inappropriate.”

“Eclipsed,” from “The Walking Dead” star Danai Gurira, is nominated for six Tony Awards on Sunday. Nyong’o has already won an Obie for her starring role.