major & jimmy

Major and EUR associate Jimmy V

*Major Johnson Finley also known as “Major” may appear as one the newest artist on the music scene but he’s been working behind the scenes for quite some time now. With music credits in box office hit movies such as “Think Like a Man 2” Major is ready to show the world what he’s made of.

Family, friends, and supporters gathered together for Major’s single release party and the stars came out. On May 6, Major released two singles: “Keep On” featuring Kevin McCall and “Why I Love You” along with two visuals for both songs. Both songs can be found through iTunes and Soundcloud.

Producer and friend Harmony Samuels who is originally from London shared an endearing story about how the two met prior to Major hitting the stage and performing. Samuels compares Major’s sound to the great Frank Sinatra.

With an understanding of the music game and the direction it is shifting to Samuels knew Major will bring the sound that the game is missing! After working at a label and wanting to venture out on his own Samuels teamed up with Major and worked together for two years consistently.

Now, the dynamic duo brings us a new sound of music which can be described as a mix of R&B and Funk! Major’s supporters mentioned that he is quick to help others achieve their dreams but now is his time to achieve his dream.