veronica brown (b&w)

Veronica Brown

*Veronica Brown‘s Veronica and The Preachers Daughters represented USO for the military staff and their families, Heads of States in different territories, International Veterans Hospitals for years. The group’s first engagement took them to Iceland for ten days, then on to the rest of Europe, parts of Africa and Asia.

In recognition of her accomplishments for the Department Of Defense and United States Overseas, Veronica was presented the Key to the City of Detroit, a Proclamation from the Detroit City Council. She was named Ambassador for the State of Michigan.

Other awards included the Department of Defense Awards for Entertainment and The White Nights Festival of Saint Petersburg, a Russian award. Veronica’s unique style was greatly inspired by performing artists and musical styles across the board.

‘Destiny doesn’t come to you, but through you’.

Launching pad for her album’s European Release was the annual MIDEM Convention in Cannes, South of France, where a Single CD with four Remixes of Veronica’s first release “Last 2 Know”, remixed by Dave McMurray from WasNotWas, was first introduced to the media. Simultaneously, her debut album “That’s Just The Way It Is” hit the European market that spring.

Veronica Brown prior releases includes the hit single “Words That You Say” (Whitebird feat. Veronica/Strictly Rhythm Records), which scaled the heights of the Billboard Dance charts to #12 and #3 on the Billboard Mix Mag Chart and #1 on several European dance charts, which brings us to where Veronica is today.

Veronica Brown says “I’ve always been about a message. Now my inspiration comes from the most powerful Words ever written…”

Mary had a baby, Oh Lord,
Mary had a baby, Oh Lord.
They named him Jesus, Oh Lord,
They named him Jesus, Oh Lord.
They named him Jesus,
They named him Jesus,
They named him Jesus, Oh Lord.

“Mary Had a Baby” was the first song I sang in public in church when I was four years old. I sang this song just before my father’s male group came up to perform songs from their albums.

I’m a little taller now, the same complexion, the same love for singing, the same faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same middle child of eight.

We gain strength, courage and confidence by submitting to the will and gifts God gives us.

All we have to do, is find our audience to share these gifts. Jesus said, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” When times became hard and I’d lose my way, I think back on my young years, the sermons Dad preached and the songs my siblings and I sang. Then I realized my song, “I Don’t Wanna Be A Sinner.” I realized I didn’t wanna do wrong any longer. Because I know there is a penalty for sin.

We are to resist the devil, not assist the devil.

This is why I want to continue to be used as one of God’s vessels to bring in and help win back souls to Christ. Singing God’s Words, praising Him, our sins can be over. You see, “My God don’t need nobody else” to provide for the ones He loves.

Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest for your souls.”

This is part of Jesus’ cross. I want to do my part for mine and your eternal life, through the gift He has given me.