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The Micah Stampley family

*(Via Huffington Post Black Voices) – Fatherhood is the most beautiful experience any man could encounter. There are many ups and downs that come with parenthood, but it is extremely important to be open minded, patient, loving, caring and non-judgmental.

One thing I’ve grown to understand as a father is how to communicate individually with my children. They all have different personalities, different perspectives of life. For example, my youngest son (David) has a very strong willed personality and requires a firm hand of structure and discipline.

If you give him an inch he’ll do his best to take two miles—that’s just his personality. So, I’m always monitoring him more closely than my son Adam, who is much more mild tempered and does not require a strict environment. He usually does what he’s supposed to do, unless of course he’s distracted by video games. I was a soft spoken kid and wasn’t too much trouble for my parents, but a few of my older brothers were the total opposite. I enjoy being a father and I embrace all the challenges that come with it.

I grew up in the deep south of Louisiana where I had to learn how to be a hard worker in order to survive. Growing up on a farm was a lot of work, but my father taught us to be strong and self-sustaining in life. Raising and feeding chickens, taking care of cattle, horses, dogs and everything else was real work and I can honestly say that I have a very strong work ethic because of the way my father raised my siblings and I.

I’m a bit old school when it comes to raising my kids. I believe in children doing chores to help develop them into responsible adults. My wife, Heidi and I started teaching them to clean up behind themselves at a young age.

Simple things like picking up their toys when they’re done with them, getting a napkin or paper towel if they accidentally spill something, etc. These are important traits that will help them become great husbands and a great wife.

You’ll be surprised how many marriages fall apart because one spouse never had the responsibility of cleaning, learning to cook a very basic meal, doing laundry without turning the white clothes blue and pink, or just simply taking out the trash when it’s running over. I’ve taught my children to clean, they know how to cook, and my boys even know how to do the lawn.

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