cows killed by lightning bolt

*Though I realize some of you may not give a sh*t about the way feed animals are treated, many others do. Feed animals is described here as animals who were born with the single, unfortunate purpose of being food for people.

I pray I don’t come back as one of these! So cows, chickens, and any other kind of meat or foul people eat lies herewith. But this article is not about how you feel about meat eaters or vegetarians, its about nearly two dozen cows in South Dakota meeting their demise after a single bolt of lightning struck them as they stood around a metal feeder about to eat.

So let’s make it about the idiot who didn’t consider this aspect when designing the farm.

Just seems like it would’ve been a no-brainer, yes?

The dead carcasses of the 21 cows were discovered last week. They had circled around the feeder preparing to eat when the lightning bolt struck and killed them instantly.

The Moody County Sheriff’s Office provided the grim photo, which looks almost ritualistic, above. For those interested in the investment aspect, the loss sits at approximately $45,000.

Kuehe auf der Weide McPWRO Cows on the Pasture MCPWRO (Newscom TagID: imagostock652556.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Remember when we were kids and our elders told us to run under a tree if we were caught in a storm?

Don’t tell your kids that.

Bless the hearts of our elders who only told us what their elders before them said. It’s not true. The lightning will find you there; as  trees are tall and lightning is said to “look for” the highest thing. Besides, it found a dozen other cows recently who were huddled under a tree in Missouri. Not to mention 33 others killed when a thunderstorm hit at a farm in Mississippi.

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