michelle gregg - harambe

*There’s good news for the mother of the boy got into Harambe the gorilla’s enclosure. She WON’T face criminal charges.

On Monday, Hamilton County prosecutor, Joe Deters, announced that Michelle Gregg was not negligent when her 3-year-old boy strayed at the Cincinnati Zoo. Deters noted that Gregg had 3 other children with her and based on surveillance cameras and witnesses … she was attentive.

“Kids can scamper off and they do,” Deters said and added that if Gregg had been “in the bathroom smoking crack that would have been a different story, but that’s not what happened.”

After zoo officials killed Harambe to save the boy … many blamed Gregg and clamored for her to face criminal charges, but Deters said, “There’s nothing that the mother could have done.”

The prosecutor also supported the zoo’s “painful choice,” saying Harambe was a beautiful animal … “but it’s still an animal. It does not equate to human life.”

source: TMZ