Bow Wow

*Dear Mr. Moss aka Bow Wow:

Recently, you made a comment on a clip for the new BET series “Music Moguls” that premiers June 28, dissin’ my city of Durham, North Carolina. In the promo clip with Jermaine Dupree (SoSo Def Records) you said, “ain’t nothing crackin’ in Durham.” I am so tired of people disrespecting my city and for you to do it on a national platform is outrageous.

WATCH it here: Music Moguls Coming in June … (at 2min/31 sec mark)

Granted, like many cities, Durham has its share of problems. But kickin’ dirt on a city already known as “Dirty Durham” ain’t helping. Now, it is true that you can go to some hoods and hear gun shots ringing through the air almost every night. And the self hatred that some of our young people feel does result in teenage kids being gunned down in the street. However, Durham has a rich, historical, legacy and since you seem to be ignorant of that history, let me hit you with some #FACTS.

Durham NC was once known as Black Wall Street, the mecca of Black empowerment. Although, many people believe that Tulsa Oklahoma was America’s only “Black Wall Street,” history teaches that Durham was also known by this prestigious title.
Durham is also the home of North Carolina Central University and Duke University. Not to mention part of Research Triangle Park, one of the largest high tech development centers in the country, lies within Durham County. Furthermore, many famous people have roots here, including Ernie Barnes, the artist who did the famous paintings featured on the 70’s sitcom “Good Times” and Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States.

Most importantly, there are many people in Durham who are working, tirelessly, to make this city one that our children and our children’s children will be proud of. Recently, we launched the Black Durham Is Beautiful Campaign to show that Durham is more than murder and mayhem and one of the greatest places to live in America. Instead of making negative statements about this city, why don’t you use your platform to make things better for the youth?

So,” Mr. 106 and Park,” you owe each of the 250,000 residents of this city an apology or at least a heartfelt “my bad.” And until we receive an apology we will not support Music Moguls or any other project even loosely associated with the name “Bow Wow” nor “Shad Moss.”

To borrow from the infamous words of Birdman, who also is featured on Music Moguls, you are gonna learn to RESPEK my city !


Min. Paul Scott, founder
Messianic Afrikan Nation
Durham NC

Min. Paul Scott aka “TRUTH Minista” can be reached via: [email protected]. Follow on Twitter @truthminista

truth minista paul scott

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott