peanuts allergy2

*There is a really scary commercial running right now. I can’t even recall the product that the actual commercial is about (not surprising, as the viewing audience generally gets more involved in the backstory than the product its supposed to be selling).

But this particular commercial shows a group of friends at a party. When all of a sudden, a panicked woman calls out, “You didn’t put peanuts in here, right?” Then an apologetic party host responds, “No. Just Peanut Butter,” before she realizes her horrible error. Cut to a woman covered in red hives, before passing out.

Now Panera Bread, the sandwich restaurant, is in the same situation. According to the family of a little girl with peanut allergies, the restaurant put a whop of peanut butter in her grilled cheese sandwich.

Allegedly, even after they were told not to.

The family of the 6-year-old  girl has now filed a lawsuit against Panera and a group of their franchises in New England alleging negligence. The parents say they ordered the sandwich on January 28 via Panera’s online system, and specifically stated their daughter’s peanut allergy.

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