Pooch Hall

“Ray Donovan” star Pooch Hall — who many of you of you know as Derwin Davis from the hit show The Game, took to social media to celebrate a milestone in his family.

The 39-year-old actor shares four children with his wife, Linda Baptista, and the couple recently celebrated their 18-year-old daughter Djanai’s graduation from high school. It’s a noteworthy achievement because Djanai has cerebral palsy.

The actor gushed about the event in an Instagram post: “Let me stress how proud we are of our oldest daughter…doctors didn’t give her that long. But she did it.”

Pooch went on to explain the challenges and rewards of being the father of a developmentally challenged child.

“Being parents of a child born developmentally delayed with cerebral palsy, we are in awe of her strength, happiness, beauty, and focus,” the proud father added.

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Hall’s wife followed with an equally beautiful message:

Words can not begin to express how proud I am of my big girl…I can’t believe my angel has officially graduated from High School.

She did amazing…she listened…she clapped…she cheered…not once did she pull off her cap. She knew…today was her day! Tears of joy streamed down my face as I watched Alma roll her across the grass. I remember the day they told me all the things you wouldn’t be able to do but look at you now…?a graduate.

It’s funny what people take for granted some times…the drop out rate is still crazy and it blows my mind. When I tell people Djanai is in high school people often seem shocked or surprised that she’s in school…like where else would she be? Locked in the basement?! Such an accomplish baby girl and I am so proud maybe even more so than I would be of your siblings because it is just expected that they will graduate but for you the one who most of society has put in a category that is broken and unable to achieve because you learn & do things differently. You give us reason to push forward because if you can do it against all odds there is no reason why we who are far more capable and able should ever give up. I love you with every fiber of my being. Congratulations & Best of Luck! This is is just the beginning of many adventures for the rest of your life.

Yoooo… lemme just stress how proud we are of our oldest daughter… Djanai for graduating class of #2016 … some Doctors didnt give her that long. But she did it… I’m so proud of her and love my family so much… Now heres a graduation pic that is something my wife @shortyrockstar and l wanted to sharewith yall. Being parents of a child born developmentally delayed with cerabral palsy we are in aww of her strength,happiness, beauty and focus… i dont want sympathy, i want each and every one of us to recognize we are blessed beyond words and we should count our blessings and live everyday as if it was our last. Allow God, happiness, faith and greatness guide us. Love my fam… and congrats to all the #2016 graduates able body handicapped and ppl in the the struggle… Pooch Hall

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Linda also expressed her joy for sharing this moment with her family: