dez dickerson

*Prince’s former guitarist Dez Dickerson is in disbelief over the autopsy report that revealed his longtime boss died of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl.

“The Prince I’ve known and the Prince the folks that I’ve known in association with him over the years … drug overdose would not be something that we would even think of in a sentence with his name,” Dickerson told Fox News.

Dickerson said he first met Prince after answering an ad in the paper seeking a new guitarist. After a 15-minute audition in the back of a tire shop and a conversation with Prince in the parking lot, Dickerson would go on to become a guitarist for The Revolution for five years.

“We communicated on a peer level. There was never any sort of boss-employee kind of thing and the respect was mutual, obviously,” he said. “We often had conversations about things that were personal to him or business things especially.”

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