Roots 2016

Roots 2016

*The ambitious “Roots” reboot has averaged 4.9 million viewers over its three nights so far, with a roller coaster dip and rise between nights 2 and 3.

Per TheWrap:

Episode 2 of the rebooted classic drew 4.6 million total viewers; the following evening’s Episode 3 had 4.8 million. The Memorial Day premiere had scored 5.3 million overall audience members — so it’s been pretty stable.

Not perfectly flat, however. That Night 1 to Night 2 drop computes to a 13.4 percent decline. Night 2 to Night 3 was a 4.3 percent increase. Both of those evenings’ TV ratings were just released today, due to the Monday holiday causing slight delays.

In 1977, ABC miniseries “Roots” drew a record-setting 31.9 million households over its eight nights.

The reboot, airing simultaneously on History, Lifetime, A&E, and LMN, concludes tonight at 9/8c on those same four channels. Tip “T.I.” Harris and Mekhi Phifer will be featured in the episode.

Watch a preview below: