dave thompson
*Sacramento, CA – Rev. Dave Thompson, a long-time advocate for peace and empathy between the LGBT community and conservative faith, will be attending a protest against a Sacramento Baptist preacher who praised the Orlando gunman who killed 49 young people at a gay friendly club.

Thompson’s encouragement, “We should protest. We must protest! But let us in the LGBT and welcoming community protest peacefully, without hate or violence. We know first hand the suffering that comes from hate. Let us be the people who stop the cycle. Let us demonstrate our disagreement with great passion, but with a goal, not of revenge, but of love.”

When asked why he was attending the protest, Thompson replied, “I am here to demonstrate my own disagreement with this Baptist minister, and with all people who celebrate violence in the name of faith. There will always be people who disagree with us, spiritual or not, but there is no room for violence and violence-speech in faith or our society.

He adds, “We in the LGBT and welcoming community are deeply hurting. But it’s more than just the Orlando massacre. For many in the LGBT community this atrocity has stirred up the deep suffering that we endured, sitting in the pews of our home town congregations. We trusted our leaders to bring us a message of God’s unconditional love, instead, they brought us a message of hate, or hate-silence, that forced us and our loved ones to either live two lives or be abandoned by our communities and families.”

Thompson is the author of Over Coffee: A Conversation for Gay Partnership & Conservative Faith. He has spent the last decade meeting one-on-one with conservative faith ministers and organizational leaders listening to their stories about LGBT people in their congregations and providing the opportunity for them to talk with a gay person in a safe and loving environment.

Rev. Thompson, who lives in Lakeport, CA, is the author of Over Coffee (available on Amazon), speaks internationally about LGBT and Conservative conflict, and is the host of his own tv series, Over Coffee, where he interviews everyday people about their spiritual stories.

For more information, please contact Rev. Thompson directly via email dave (at) worlduniting.org.