Logan Autry

Logan Autry

*A 9-year-old supporter of Donald Trump decided to wear his red “Make America Great Again” cap to school in Fresno, Calif., and it caused so much agitation among his classmates that it had to be banned to calm everyone down.

Logan Autry, a third grader at Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School, got his pro-Trump hat signed by the presumptive GOP nominee himself. He told CBS 6 on Friday that it’s his favorite hat, and “the First Amendment says I can wear my hat.”

Autry wore it for three consecutive days outside of class, where the elementary school permits hats. Logan says he was bullied about the hat, and that his classmates said Trump was “stupid.” After an older child made what the Chicago Tribune described as “a particularly inflammatory comment” on Thursday, a teacher intervened and told Logan to take off the hat, citing safety concerns.

Logan said he refused to remove his cap, despite demands from a principal. “The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” he told ABC 30.

In a statement released to CBS 6, the school district said the school allowed the boy to wear his hat for several days. “However, it is also our responsibility to take precautions when the discourse begins to impact our school climate and interrupt school operations.”

Now, the hat is no longer permitted at Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School.