*The search is on for an additional shooter suspected of firing into a group before a T.I. concert last week in New York.

The gunfire erupted May 25 in a green room at Manhattan’s Irving Plaza, just before T.I. was due to take the stage.

It was initially believed that Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, accidentally shot himself and killed his bodyguard in the chaos, an allegation his lawyer Scott E. Leemon disputes. Collins, in a wheelchair as he recovers from a gunshot wound, was charged Monday with attempted murder.

But according to, investigators now say someone else may have fired the bullet that hit Collins and killed his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter.

Someone who has an ongoing beef with Troy Ave. allegedly approached him and another person and a fight ensued, sources said. During the fight, that person allegedly shot Collins in the leg and struck McPhatter in the stomach. Sources said Collins and the man wrestled for the gun and that’s when another, separate shot went off in a different part of the venue.

In all, McPhatter was killed and three others, including Collins, were hurt.

Surveillance video, sought after by Collins’ legal team, allegedly shows Collins limping out of the green room with blood on his pants. Also seen in the footage is McPhatter, slumped over with a fatal wound to his abdomen.

Among the injured is a model who plans to sue Live Nation, which owns Irving Plaza. Her lawyer said they want a full list of security personnel who were working that night, the number of tickets sold to the show, and every piece of surveillance from inside the venue.