Serena Williams and Kerry Washington in's "Together Women Can" ad

Serena Williams and Kerry Washington in’s “Together Women Can” ad

*Serena Williams and Kerry Washington appear with other famous women in a new video released Thursday by to promote its new “Together Women Can” campaign.

Lena Dunham, Emma Watson and Selena Gomez also appear in the promo to say help from other women has been critical to their success.

Washington says she’s “not really sure what my life would look like if it were not for Shonda Rhimes,” who cast her as the lead in “Scandal.”

Williams cited her sister Venus as her guide. founder Sheryl Sandberg said the campaign is meant to raise awareness of the ways women can support each other in the workplace and encourage confidence and leadership skills in girls.

Women working together leads to more women in leadership positions, a key objective of, Sandberg said.

Eva Longoria, newscaster Megyn Kelly and soccer star Abby Wambach also appear in the video, which will join other promo clips set to appear on the campaign’s website.

“When women are CEOs, when women run for office, we inspire girls and women everywhere to believe they can do more,” Sandberg, a self-made billionaire and top executive at Facebook, said in an interview. “And we still have a very small percentage of leadership roles anywhere, in any industry, in any government anywhere in the world. Our goal is to change that. And while the gap may be big, the numbers change one by one.”

Watch the video below: