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*Among us lives a freak of nature so implausibly bizarre that it manages to defy reason, simple, comprehensible logic and plain ol’ good sense.

I’m not talking about the fabled Big Foot or some shadowy, omnipresent secret organization linked to a zillion conspiracy theories.

Instead, I submit for your perusal, the Amazing Black Trump Supporter.

Like the rest of America, the Black Trump Supporter (BTS) has heard presidential candidate Donald Trump’s shallow, vacant shtick—-the double talk, the outright lies, the sexism, the racism, the name-calling, the sheer lack of knowledge or perception as to how city, state or federal government operates–and has decided that there is something good and positive in all of that for him.

Black Trump Supporter believes Trump, who has yet to reveal a single thread of substance, is the man with the plan. He thinks Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”—-as if the current model, despite its continued assorted woes, isn’t the best America has ever been, especially for Americans the hue of Black Trump Supporter.

You’ve seen Black Trump Supporter. You can find him on Cable TV news, earnestly explaining that the blue sky is green, stressing how easily a square peg fits into a round hole and pontificating on how Trump is going to solve the nation’s ills. BTS doesn’t know that, no matter how much ass he kisses, Trump and his ardent backers see people who look like him as part of America’s problem.

Black Trump Supporter really isn’t an anomaly. He has been around for centuries. Over that time, he’s been called different things (“Uncle Tom” springs to mind), the various monikers all describing the same person: someone who, in an amazing feat of denial and self-loathing, works to disconnect himself from his cultural roots, leaving dignity and reality discarded by the side of the road.

Slavery, this person will say, wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be.

Affirmative Action, he insists, is an unnecessary carrot. To hell with individual circumstances: I’m Black and if I can make it, then everyone can, no two ways about it.

BTS believes all people receiving government assistance are just lazy. He presents himself as proof positive that police don’t routinely and without just cause disproportionately harass, maim or murder people of color and the poor.

According to this misguided, self-hating soul, the white man’s ice is always colder; everyone else’s is just slush.

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For as long as Black people have lived in America, there have been Blacks who paint all Black people, even those deemed successful, with a broad bitter brush of negative stereotypes. He and she holds tight to the cracked belief that the main thing holding them back is other Black people.

And now this self-loathing auto-hater, to the befuddlement of both conservatives and liberals, has shamelessly taken to the national stage to support a presidential candidate who has all but officially announced his lack of concern or interest in people who look like…Black Trump Supporter.

No matter. Black Trump Supporter doesn’t think that damn wall Donald speaks of has anything to do with him. Black Trump Supporter doesn’t realize that he and those who look like him are always number one with a bullet at the top of any bigot’s list.

And guess what? Black Trump Supporter’s lunacy is not confined to just his pea brain. Remarkably–no, amazingly–there are Latinos, women, gays, transgender people, even Muslims (I kid you not)–all groups for whom Trump has voiced some measure of puzzlement and/or disdain–who openly rally behind Trump’s ridiculous rhetoric.

It is because of these people—-along with Trump’s angry, ignorant, racist core constituents—-that Trump’s run for the White House ceased being a joke a long time ago.

This leaves amazing in the wind. It’s scary.

Don’t sleep.

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